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Get In Your Head

by Anita Miles

A couple years ago, our family of 4 sat down one evening to have supper together. We were about halfway through our meal when, out of the blue, my son just blurts out to me – with a confident voice, “Mama, I’m ready to go ride my bike without training wheels.”  

This declaration caught me off guard because this was a highly contentious topic with him. Learning to balance himself without those 2 extra wheels had been a BEAST!  I had removed them multiple times already, only for each instance to end in severe frustration on his part.   He didn’t understand why in the world he couldn’t figure it out.  I did everything I knew to do to help him.  Like seriously!  EVERYTHING I knew to do…    

We had found multiple videos of kids learning to ride bikes and watched those together.  I removed the pedals to help him learn balance without them.  That was useless!  I held on and ran behind him and it took no time to be sideways all over again.   For over two years – we tried this time and time again, only to resort to putting the training wheels back on and starting from scratch. 

I’m not sure what happened that evening sitting there at the table that he decided to make this announcement.  I also have no ability to explain his confidence that he was ready, NOR what happened in my heart when we walked outside immediately following supper to remove the one thing that prevented him from feeling free.  

As we walked out to the back porch to remove the training wheels from his bike one more time, he walked out with his head held high and was chomping at the bit to get on that seat and take off.   I was still trying to process what was going on as I was working to get the bolts off.  He confidently told me he had it all figured out and he now knew how to ride a bike.  I knew he didn’t, because just the day before he had been frustrated about it.

I laid the wheels and the bolts to the side (ready to reassemble in the next few minutes).  We walked out to a spot that was level that would be easy to push off on the pedals from.  I held the back of the seat ready to do what we’ve always done when we had tried this – while also holding my breath.  He turned to look at me and said “I’ve got it…you don’t need to push me off.”  I stepped back - prepared to pick him up off the ground again in a matter of a second or two.  But that’s not what happened… 

Sure enough, he pushed the pedal down and off he went.  Straight as an arrow.  No wobbling, no insecurity, no tumbling….  None of it.  We watched in complete amazement as he made round after round in the yard and down the trail.  I walked back to the porch, picked up the training wheels and tossed them in trash can, knowing we’d never need them again.          

There were a multitude of questions that got asked that night.  How does one just do that?  If you know my son, he’s pretty articulate at answering these types of questions. But ultimately, there was very little explanation of what had just happened - except that he had just made up his mind that he was going to do it.  He was tired of being frustrated over it.  And his constant irritation was preventing him from being successful.   How in the world it happened, I suppose I’ll never know.  But whatever it was - happened in his mind before he ever climbed on that bike.  

There are a HOST of Scriptures that I could list for us that give us example after example of how powerful the mind is.  And how to control it!  But this week, I was reminiscing through the book of Hebrews and was reminded of this beautiful Scripture. As I read it, I was reminded of the story I just recounted for you.   It’s from Hebrews 12:2-3 

“Looking unto Jesus the author and finisher of our faith; who for the joy that was set before him endured the cross, despising the shame, and is set down at the right hand of the throne of God. For consider him that endured such contradiction [opposition] of sinners against himself, lest ye be wearied and faint in your minds.

When our mind is tired and overwhelmed, it’s easy to allow our focus to become hindered.  We get distracted easily, and the things that wouldn’t normally be complicated, become frustratingly complex. Our ability to persevere quickly gives way to defeat!  

A good friend of mine from Wisconsin recently texted me and was speaking of the season of spiritual drought she has walked through recently. She’s finally come through that victoriously, but her words to me were, “the devil is doing his best to wear God’s people out!!”  That’s the big plan… The writer of Hebrews recognized that centuries ago - but he had a remedy…   Consider Jesus and the opposition that was brought against Him.  Keep your eyes on Him. Lay aside the things / sins that are hindering you!  

So, to the moms out there who are making it through the day with just a few minutes of sleep and several cups of coffee…do whatever it takes to keep your mind from getting weary and fainting!   

To the disillusioned Christian… I TOTALLY understand that it’s sometimes complicated to reconcile in your mind how people who claim to love Jesus can do some of the things they do…but do whatever it takes to keep your mind from getting weary and fainting!  

To the pastor’s wife who is exhausted from all the giving that ministry requires of you and all the hard things you have to see…do whatever it takes to keep your mind from getting weary and fainting!  

To the young woman who is struggling with your identity in Christ and finding your place and purpose in this world… keep in mind, you’re not meant to stay here forever!  It’s ok to not always fit in.  Do whatever it takes to keep your mind from getting weary and fainting.  

And to the one with the story that I just don’t know the details of - do whatever it takes…. 

Keep your eyes focused on Jesus - the author of your story.

…And if He needs to, He will be right there to hold on to the seat of your bicycle while you refocus your mind enough to ride with purpose again.

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