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Currency of the Kingdom

by Brittney Chan

Y’all know those times in life that feel like outerbody experiences? You know, the ones where you are intensely aware that you’re in the center of God’s will? Those moments that you look back on as the landmarks of your life… I had one of those recently.

I’ve had them before…like when I walked across the stage to receive the first diploma awarded by Heritage Bible College. I knew that moment wasn’t a reflection of any great thing that I had done, but I had been given the honor of being at the start of this amazing ministry that would change the future generations of Pentecostal Christians.

Or like when I attended the commencement ceremony for South University’s Physical Therapy Assistant program. I had been given an array of colorful cords that represented my academic success throughout the program. And that moment wasn’t about the magna cum laude label or comparing my achievements against my peers. I couldn’t have cared less about that. In that auditorium, full of graduates from every program offered by the college, I was the only person that knew how far I’d come to get there.

See, it was less than a decade prior to that, when I was the one struggling with anxiety, paranoia, and all the things that came with recovering from a traumatic brain injury. My inner dialogue included comments from the healthcare professionals who said I’d never walk again or that graduating with my GED would be the peak of my educational experience. So in that moment…in the Convention Center in Savannah, GA…standing in line, waiting for my turn…I was most aware of God’s undeniable, extravagant faithfulness to me. There is such a confidence that comes from walking with God and letting Him lead your decisions!

Fast forward to this past weekend. In my endeavors to establish my career and make a life for myself, I’ve always wondered how my love for ministry and how my love for being a therapist would intertwine. Life can’t be all about money. It won’t satisfy you or help you to leave a legacy. For the past year, I’ve fallen in love with Occupational Therapy’s role in mental health. Every learning experience I’ve engaged in has felt like a ministry opportunity. And this weekend was another surreal chance for God to have a conversation with me about trusting that He has His hand on my life.

Lately, I’ve been rolling this phrase around in my mind: the currency of the kingdom. It doesn’t matter how many fancy letters I can add behind my name or what my annual income looks like. Education, possessions, accomplishments, talents…you name it…are highly valued by some people. I could go to the most prestigious school, make the highest marks, write the best dissertations, sing the most harmonious parts - but what is all of that if none of my efforts lead someone to knowing God on a deeper level?

The currency of the Kingdom I am a part of is not the same as the currency of the world I live in. While the world values all of the things I just mentioned; the Kingdom values a heart given over to God, a life spent for Him, a vessel emptied and ready to be used for His glory.

Miraculous transformations happen when God is allowed to mix our vulnerability and the broken pieces of our past to offer hope to people around us.

Sin bows to the redemptive power of our testimonies.

I want to put this out there, okay? Sometimes we pay more attention to what we don’t bring to the table, than what we actually do. Yeah, God can use the talented and the put-together, but don’t forget how much He valued the poor widow’s two coins! (Mark 12) Obviously, it wasn’t the actual worth of the pennies that He delighted in, but it was in the heart that gave everything. And that is of the highest value to the Kingdom.

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